My book, I Belong, The Sacred Feminine Awakens, is meant to inspire, not lower vibrational energies or attune to negative stories

Why am I still writing this book?

It honestly started out as a journal when I was getting the strength to leave an abusive marriage in 2009 and finally leaving in 2010, to guide me along my path – and all the tools I’ve gathered along the way – various spiritual modalities, nature, books, nature photography and wonderful friends – for inspiration, hugs, laughs and wondrous magical growth AND the realization that I am always evolving, always changing – a life unwritten until the Soul has finally learned what it was here to learn before moving on.

This book represents a past I no longer live in, I no longer desire to live in, and I no longer need. The lessons from that period have finally been learned. I simply desired to share my experiences of my journey to give others some kind of inspiration, encouragement and love.

This book honestly is a guide of what a human being can go through and gain strength, love, passion, insight, inspiration and most of all, trust in one’s Higher Self and God (or Source, or the Universe or whatever is your good feeling Higher ‘belief’).

My new lesson now is to accept the gift of my life and others. To appreciate all the experiences I’ve been gifted and view them as such – lessons only.

The past few days or so have been extremely emotional

I’ve been honest, raw, vulnerable and my energy has been major wonky – I allowed myself to become a part of a downward negative spiral

I gave energy to an old story that I no longer needed to hear and that absolutely DID NOT need any of my loving energy and a very dear friend guided me to see it – for what it was – and I finally saw what I was doing – rehashing a past story that was no longer a part of me and acting out in a self victimization way by allowing this energy to continue on. My dear friend clearly showed me that this person who reconnected with me recently helped me to realize from their own negativity, that I no longer need attention to old negative past stories to feel loved or appreciated or accepted or approved.

So – another lesson learned and another gift given.

Have fun with it all – each nanosecond is gone in a flash – remember that – and open your heart to the good in it all – open your mind, your spirit to what your Soul truly desires – to play, dance in the forest, laugh with arms wide open, to see how magical and beautiful our world is, to see how magnificent we truly are.

External circumstances DO NOT MATTER!

Your state of Being is what MATTERS!

I’ve certainly have learned that BIG TIME!


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