Labels and True Inner Essence

The more a person is told she/he is an addict or alcoholic or labelled something else – the more she/he believes it & believes she/he is broken 

Like me – I believed that I was a charity case – and other silly labels 

I labelled myself as a victim & as garbage & recently as sexless & ugly 

That’s because I was told over & over that I was those things and believed it!!!

I was reminded as a child then teenager & later on – it stuck & I allowed myself to become a powerless victim in my own prison

So here’s what I really am

I am going through my own pain & dealing with it in my own unique way

I am not labels – I am a beautiful human being going through ‘experiences’ & learning from those experiences – some of them take a loooong time!!! Lol

For me – the childhood trauma, rapes, emotional trauma, self victim crap, marriage, divorce, job loss, financial loss, sex loss, love loss, relationships of all types, all disconnections from my heart & true self – all simply life experiences moving me towards who I truly am within 

I am not these labels – they are experiences, stories – they are not who I am & do not control who I am unless I allow them to do so 

We are not our life experiences – we are spiritual students of life 

We do have the power to see past the veil of these labels to the core of who we truly are – loving beautiful compassionate fun passionate human beings 

The labels are simply lessons for us to learn from & then get rid of – replacing them with kindness & ❤️ love

This is what I learned from my most recent inner tidal wave 

and that I am not alone 

My hurt hurts others 

Being self compassionate is being compassionate to those around me

And so it is


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