For Freedom

For freedom 

For all those who feel suffocated 

For the truth of our core 

For the love of our Soul

Thank you dear beautiful Junie Swadron for motivating me to continue writing – love you dearly 

This is one of many writing prompts from my amazing writing mentor and author.

‘The phone rang …’

and my heart tightened – my chest choke.

Shaking – I slowly answered the call 

I was free

The divorce was final 

Sleepless nights and an extremely challenging dream in the one hour sleep I got last night about my ex

Even though it’s been 7 years now since I escaped him, Jan 31, 2010 with a former vice cop turned PI out front with his gun and three burly moving guys supporting me, I have dreams lately about him – but awareness and compassion always come through.

Had to write.

Darkness in the Night

Darkness seeping into my soft areas, into my pores

His eyes – his eyes so dark, soulless, unremorseful and yet he feels pain

Black bottomless eyes 

Heart turned away 

Coldness bites his every breath 

Revenge his every move 

Tears of such pain drip from his soul 

He came for me 

He blamed me

He shoved his guilt onto me

He flew at me – all his sadness, his self loathing, his self victimization 

He tried to end my Light

He tried so hard 

He fought with his illusions 

And lost 

Yes, I felt the sadness from his heart

Yes, I felt his anger

Yes, I felt his shame

Yes, I felt his guilt 

Yes, I felt his storm 

Now his illusions are slipping away 

Now my armour is coming down 

Now it’s all coming out 

Now it’s letting go

Empowering me in the process 

Strengthening me 

My compassion grows for him – sending him blessings and saying goodbye 

My love of my Light expands

And so it is


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