Honesty and Transformation 


New everything

Pure Honesty with Self

Writing is inside of me

It’s my life

It’s in my blood

It courses through my very core and radiates passion like a tidal wave to the surface and beyond

My words come from my heart, like wildfire, breathing every emotion at that very nanosecond, in that present light

They travel from my heart through my spine, my breath, my blood, my cells, to my fingers, running to upon the page

They are real

They are me

They are beautiful, strong, angry, quiet, lightful, wild, lyrical

They are unique

They are enough as they are

I am so thankful for the gift of words

I am so blessed with the muse that are my emotions

I am so blessed with the music of nature

I am so blessed with the laughter of my friends

I am so blessed with the spirit of this humanity

I am so blessed with the color of our world

I am so connected to each and every tap of my pen as it draws – sometimes quickly – sometimes with a pause – the beauty of my words

The grace of writing

The flow of strength, of grace, of humanity, of humbleness – Opens my eyes

Opens my heart

Opens my Soul

To the realization

That words are a natural gift flowing from within – waiting to flow and be painted upon the page

Each word is special

Each word is unique

Each word is a part of the path, the journey

And I simply desire, no matter what emotion is passing through me – to write it all – to live it all – to dance it all – through my fingers

To connect with my truth, to be honest from within, with the essence of the Universe within me.

With my humanity

With my gratitude 

For Being

For Existing

For ALL the emotions that travel through me to the page

Thank you Life for this gift!

Thank you Life for loving me!

Thank you Life for teaching me!

Thank you Life for cradling me!

Thank YOU LIFE for the treasure of it all.



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