I Was On This Path

I was on this path

Darkness on both sides 

So very dark

Pitch black to my right

Pitch black to my left
I dare not look back

Fear seeped into my skin

Fear overtook my mind

Fear ripped me apart from TRUST

Fear became my illusion 

Solace of silence 

Breath of Light

Emotion of Heart
Close eyes

Stillness of mind

Stillness of Ego

Stillness of Body
I stopped on that path
I prayed 
I appreciated 

I loved 

I gave in to Mother Earth

I sank my feet into her warm, beautiful, loving soil 

I raised my arms and face to all that is

I smiled my heart to her heart

I breathed my heart to her waiting open arms


Trust began to flow through each and every cell in my relaxing body
I took one small step forward

Then another
Slowly, the darkness along that path lightened 

Slowly, I began to see

Slowly, mighty trees helped me to breathe in love

Slowly, the smell of the sea helped bring me home to my soul’s abundance 

Slowly, step by step, I walked towards Light – towards love

Towards Divine Love
Slowly I became a part of my true path
Beautiful purples, pinks, blues, greens, golds, white – so much beauty to behold flowed to my right

Swayed to my left
My feet walked on such velvety carpets of petals, soil, grass
And the sounds!!!
Trees singing their songs

Birds happily chirping 

Aliveness all around me

Behind me

In front of me



I looked behind in wonder at the beauty of my path 

The amazement of how far I’ve come 

And the ecstasy of the presence 
My blood now flowed with all that is

My body now sang with the glory of dance 

My Soul became One with Mother Earth
My soul’s path to true abundance is my Light to You


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