Amaze me

We can be fickle 

We can be mean 

We can betray others

We can mistrust 

We can blow things out of perspective in a nanosecond 

We can steal others beliefs, carry them on our backs until we break & finally see the Light – finally allow our truth to flow

What truly amazes me is that we do learn and we DO:

Turn everything into beauty & blessings 

Appreciate breathing, in and out

Truly love our beingness

Accept that all is temporary 

What truly amazes me is our strength!

Our power!

Our magnificent existence!

Our knowing that miracles happen simply by waking up & living your truth

I personally am blessed beyond my dreams 

It’s not about things 

It’s not about money 

It’s not about status 

It’s not about how many friends I have or likes I receive

It’s about acknowledging my beautiful imperfections 

It’s about accepting each & every tear, laughter & emotion 

It’s about appreciating my own journey in awe of how far I’ve come 

It’s about loving the darkness with the Light

It’s about honesty & integrity within 

It’s about empowerment with myself 

It’s about respecting others journeys & giving them space to be

It’s about loving, laughing, feeling & BEING every passion that dances it’s way from my soul to my heart to my breath to life outside of me – no matter the circumstances 

It’s about believing I am loved, therefore I exist


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