Why Age is So Exquisite 

Why age is so exquisite 
From babyhood to teens to twenties to thirties to forties to fifties and the excitement and ecstasy of moving forward with immense passion into my sixties and onwards 

I get it – I truly do 

All of a sudden a burden has been lifted from my body, mind and Soul 

All of a sudden I feel so connected to Spirit 

When all through the years I was always connected – 

The dance of my body, mind and soul through so many changes 

The magic of my Soul touching each and every tear and laughter 

The joy – and the challenge – of lessons learned 

Ah! The magnificence of being a student of life!

Yes – I truly do get it 

Thank you God for giving me such an amazing beautiful Light – for the gift of breath –

For the exquisite gift of transformation 

How do I serve others?

By my own beautiful Light 

As simple as that


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