Unconditional Love

For the unconditional love we are always given – no matter the circumstances, or Time, or Year – no matter – it simply pours its infinite grace 
It’s simply a matter of accepting it

And appreciating it with passion 

I looked around my bedroom this morning and saw God

I looked in the mirror – and felt Mother Mary

I dove into my Soul – and felt such immense love – I tasted, smelled, touched – Divinity

I saw pinks, blues, greens in that depth 

I felt unconditional warmth, love, and this empowering liquid gold sparkling ‘everything’ love – envelop the essence of me, wrapping me with strength, compassion, gentleness, vulnerability, joy – soaking me to my core with knowing – opening the gateway within to celebration – to new beginnings – to the PRESENT🎉 

I am home 



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