New Story – Freedom Awakens

It will be seven years in Jan 29 2017 I left with very little, no money, fear in my belly, heart in my throat – with an ex vice cop/PI out front smiling his beautiful strong smile with a gun – in case – and the three happiest burly moving brothers – whisking me away to a new life

Starting over – completely over 

No furniture 

Not much of anything 


And the beginning of a 6-7 year odyssey – learning about self love, appreciation, respect, self value, self worth, accepting others’ journeys, and most of all that I am loved, therefore I exist 

The path of the journey 

The retelling of the story 




Beautiful transformation 




That story is no longer mine

That story is no longer my identity 

That story is PAST

That story has been learned, word for word, page by page, emotion by emotion 

That story has been my saviour, my treadmill, my guidance to move forward – with compassion, gentleness, anger, laughter, tears, so many fears, struggles, anguish, darkness 

That story has guided me to me

That story has led me to my Soul

That story has cracked open my heart – WIDE 

That story was me

A new story is being written 

A new story is being created – with each breath

A new story is unfolding with each heart beat

A new story is beating upon each smile, each tear, each thought, each word that passes my lips

A new story opens its doors 

A new story floods my heart


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