I’m not 

I’m not anyone

I’m not a name 

I’m not an illness 

I’m not a Mrs, Ms or Madam

I’m not my bank account 

I’m not my job

I’m not my family

I’m not my parents, grandparents or ancestors

I’m not the divorce 

I’m not the ex

I’m not the job losses 

I’m not the childhood trauma 

I’m not an object of anything 
I AM pure love 

I am sexuality and passion 

I am blood of All that Is

I am existence 

I am beauty within and without 

I am Spirit living in so exquisite physical body 

I am Soul

I am pure energy 

I am laughter 

I am tears

I am my emotions 

I am Mother Earth 

I am breath of life

I am the wind that carries my breath to the stars 

I am music 

I am lyrical 

I am dance  

I am sunlight 

I am the dance between each and every rain drop 

I am each rain drop

I am the snow that claims the earth during its season of birth

I am the ground I walk upon

I am the depth of the oceans 

I am the cries, passions, joys of each animal, insect, fish, tree, plant 

I am the immense connection to each living thing 

I am life itself 

I am you 

You are me

I am Light

I am love, therefore I am existence


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