If I were willing to be vulnerable 

If I were willing to be vulnerable, I would let it all hang out and not care what the world thinks of me.
Truth is – I love being highly sensitive – it’s a gift I am blessed with.

Truth is – I embrace all my emotions – tears, anger, laughter – ALL of it!

Resistance brings my body into DIS-ease

Releasing the toxic tar brings immense strength to my core, so I go with it to release, evolve, learn and move forward in ways that are right for me

Truth is – being vulnerable is strength for me

And I’m becoming stronger every day 

Truth is – I am never alone – nature is always waiting, my Soul sings & dances with me, my Spirit holds me close, my dreams become my path

Truth is – I am not anyone’s thoughts or feelings; I am not their beliefs or choices; I am not their tastes or limitations 

Truth is – I am rawness in all her imperfect grace; in all her darkness; in all her Lightness 

Truth is – I am willing to let myself hang out as I am in each and every nanosecond I breathe 

Truth is – I AM flowing with my breath from nanosecond to nanosecond – no holds barred 

Truth is – I am loved because I exist. Therefore I exist.

I am enough as I am.

And that is my truth.


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