Dancing My Soul’s Truth

Dancing my Soul’s Truth
Falling into myself

I won’t be taken

I won’t be falsified

I won’t be played

I won’t be invisible

Dancing into my truth

I won’t play the wallflower

I won’t hold it in

I won’t suffocate what wants so beautifully, however imperfect, to come out

I won’t dance a mistruth

Dancing to my anger

I won’t hold the tears back

I won’t hold my body in

I won’t push my breath down


I surrender

Dear God

I surrender!!!!

To my deeply held anger

To that deprived child

To that suffocated ‘smiling’ teenager

To that ‘floating behind the veil’ adult

To those who truly HURT me

To their own pain and fears

To my own inner Light 

I surrender 

Pieces of me

Felt so broken

Wanted and not wanted

Not the whole

Just pieces

I scream!!!!

I yell!!!

I stomp!

I run!!!

I validate my ANGER!

I validate my TEARS!

I validate ME!!!

I validate ALL OF ME!

Validating my beautiful imperfections, my beautiful emotions, my beautiful anger, my beautiful tears, my beautiful everything

And in so doing

I validate my existence

Dance the dance of love

Dance the dance of healing Light 

Dancing my Soul’s Truth

As I heal my dance, the world heals


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