Beautiful Morning

When I finally woke up this morning – I reflected, truly reflected.Blessings surround me – surround all of us.
I complained last night about having to shower with cold water but I had water to shower with, and toiletries and a warm bed to curl up in. And music to soothe me. And water to drink.
I have it all 
I am so loved, acknowledged and appreciated.
What am I appreciative of?
Sun and clouds outside my window 
An exquisite Angel crystal hanging in the sun rays

Music playing soothingly 

Ears to hear it with 

Breathing so easily 
Lungs expanding in and out 

Blood flowing from cell to cell 
Skin tingling with the coolness of the morning air on my arms while the rest of me curls up under the warmth of my cozy blankets – enjoying laying in bed – soaking it all up
The art on my walls
The candles waiting to be lit

The crystals simply being

Books patiently waiting to be played with 

My teddy bears looking over me :)))
Yes – I do have a magical life
What will this day bring? What will I learn? How will I serve others today? With a smile? A laugh? A nod? A hug? A thank you?
Yumminess awaits 😍

My path opens wide 



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