My Amazing Life

My Amazing Life

Body Beautiful



My soulmate, my lover, my whisper, my best friend – my body

I love how you hold me so gently – when I’m crying or feeling so dark. Or when I’m lit up like the sun glistening on the ocean.

I love how you talk to me and let me know it’s all ok.
I love how you move when I laugh – every muscle laughs with me.

I love how you connect with me so exquisitely when I dance, run, play, FEEL all that IS!

I love the sound of our heart pumping love into every cell in our magnificent body, the way our chest rises and falls with each magical, miraculous breath.

The feel of your skin, bones, the touch of your fingers in each and every plane – ecstasy

My head, eyes, mouth, nose, chin, neck, back, arms, hands, fingers, wrists, chest, breasts, stomach, butt, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, feet – every bone, internal organs, flow of blood, life force energy, external hair, skin – oh my! You amaze me! How you move, talk, sing, mediate, sleep – heal and how you love.

You’ve been injured, abused, battered – and you always heal. You love me with every breath and I am so blessed to be you.

I love all your emotions – the language of our soul.

I am appreciative of your touch, taste, smell, vision, hearing. And most of all your beacon of Light.

YOU – yes YOU – love me unconditionally
Always listening to me, guiding me, knowing me, feeling me, taking care of me, loving me.

You are a miracle.
You flow as abundant and easily as the oceans.
You move my heart and soul – as if we were Mother Earth incarnated.
You FEEL my music with such passion.

You take care of my true essence, my Soul, my treasure – my Being.

I feel freedom.
I feel alive.
I feel confident.
I feel glorious!
I feel playful.
I feel lyrical.
I feel aware.
I feel joy!
I feel passionate.
I feel connected.
I feel loved!
I feel protected.
I feel divine!!!
I feel beautiful.
I feel appreciative.
I feel awake.
I feel exquisite.
I feel magical.
I feel in awe.
I feel tingly.
I feel warm.
I feel wrapped up in enormous beauty.
I feel Light.
I am a miracle.
I am connected to my Higher Self.
I am Light.
I am passionate about my body.
I am a powerhouse!

My body is an exquisite vessel that lovingly holds my Soul – I choose to allow that love to flow through to each and every cell in my body – to allow this instrument to play it’s music with every breath, like a stream gently flowing.

I choose to allow freedom to flow throughout.

I am existence.
I am energy.
I am a miracle.

Thank you Sweet Divine Source for my body.
Thank you Sweet Body for always taking care of me – we are One.




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