When Women Rise

The strength of women across the world in unison is tremendous. This is something I hold dear to my heart. I am proud and highly optimistic about the health of our planet, humanity, and how women from all cultures are able to communicate love, compassion and forgiveness, avoiding war and conflict.

Hear our Song!


Mother Earth sings!

Laughter and music fills every cell of every body and the energy vibrates ten fold across our communities, cities and into the hearts of all cultures.
The songs of our Goddess Souls spread like exquisite magical wild fire outwards to Mother Earth and all its Beings.

The music of our beating hearts and breaths become One.

Compassion Reigns!

Forgiveness flows within ourselves and easily and effortlessly to the outer world.
Strength and power of Spirit unfolds from our Goddess hearts to the outer world.

Feminine Strength, Power and Love


Strength, Power and Love reigns!

Our hearts, our spirits, our strength, our great Power
intertwine with each other and flows outward to ALL!

Hold hands and allow each other’s energy to flow within and from each of us. As women unite, our Song becomes one of inspiration, peace, inner and outer beauty.

We ALL become Energetic Powerhouses!

Our loving energy and strength will expand and Mother Earth will heal in all her glory!



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