Nature’s Bliss

Who am I and why am I blogging?  Good question!  I, Denise Smith, am a lover of nature, of my existence, of humanity and of all life experiences.


My home is located in beautiful British Columbia Canada and nature is right outside my door.  My passion is being outside, running and enjoying all that nature has to offer.  My photos reflect this passion. And my words enhance this love.  My intention through blogging, is to reach as many as possible to the beauty and magic of our Earth, of nature’s bliss.

Nature has a natural healing effect – whether it’s emotional, spiritual, or physical.  Being still in nature, laughing with nature, playing in nature, and appreciating all that it is – all that we are.  And what a gift we have been given.

Blogging is a beautiful way to connect with others and pass along the magnificence that is in our world and in our hearts.


I am also working on a book that will be combined with my blogging.  My dream is to reach as many readers as possible with the healing power of nature combined with their own inner power.

Thank you for exploring nature’s bliss with me.



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