Breaking the Sea of Illusions

And Awakening to the Infinite Possibilities

A story of Love, Rites of Passage, Illuminations and Awakenings: My Truth, My Life, My Journey

In January 2010, I began journaling my life experience after leaving a challenging past.  In the process, a book flowed from the journaling.

Along the process of writing this book I found myself becoming more aware of self-authenticity especially amidst extremely challenging experiences.  I found unconditional love and acceptance.  I found my soul’s true abundance.  I found that it’s pretty cool to be human, no matter the circumstances.  And, yes, I found fear – for starters, fear of feeling within myself and every imaginable emotion, fear of anger, fear of loving, fear of feeling deeply and fear of simply enjoying life.  I needed to face them all so I could move forward lightening the weight of toxic tar.

I opened my heart to all my emotions, accepted every one of them – anger, fear, doubts, tears, joys, laughter, love, complete rawness – all of it.  This opened the doors to a life I never dreamed I could have.

I am more aware, alive and passionate about my true essencethan I have ever been.  The journey to get here simply amazes me.  I now realize that I have the power to turn things around; to create wonder and magic and move forward, sometimes with frustration, sometimes with awe, but most of all, with the knowledge that I’ll always get through the dark tunnel and feel the sunlight. I belong.

This is a story about resilience, inner strength, power, compassion, laughter and finding my own religion – love.  I have nothing to prove to anyone, including myself.  It’s a journey that continues to be unwritten to this day.  A journey that is right for me.  And, yes, I have obstacles that I create.  And, yes, I strive through them and, somehow, thrive that much better because of them.

Experiences over this period involved leaving a marriage in a very emotional and clandestine way with no money; losing a long term position in an emotionally charged way while going through a very difficult divorce; finding out who I truly am and giving myself permission to forgive others and myself; taking full responsibility for my own creation of my existence and finally releasing and surrendering victim mentality, which is an ongoing process. Immense transformations have blossomed and continue to open and flow.  

 I desire to inspire others through my own thriving Well-Being and journey. In essence, this is a gateway to others self worth, truth and acceptance.  Life is amazing, passionate, mystical and magical. 

 I had so many beliefs that I stole from others throughout my life and wore like a clamped iron around my neck, back, body, internally and externally. The biggest blessing I have learned so far, is that others opinions do NOT matter. Circumstances DO NOT MATTER. Unconditional love has no boundaries or conditions.

Healing is an individual process.  I hope to be a beacon of light for those who read this story.  Take what feels right and leave the rest behind.  Thank you for reading my story.  

NOTE: All the photographs and content are mine personally. I took the photos and each one has inspired me in some way, throughout my journey, and I will continue to enjoy the healing power of Mother Earth, my friends and this world we call home.


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